Elizaveta Samorukova and Irina Shabetaev

Obtained a certificate of specialization in International Law from Stetson Law University, along with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration (with a minor in International Business) from the University of Central Florida.

After growing up in a small town in the north of Russia, I immigrated to the United States at the age of eighteen to establish permanent residency and pursue my studies. At the time I arrived in the United States, I had no acquaintances or relatives, making my new beginning a challenging but exciting experience.

Upon concluding my academic tenure, I found myself confronted with decisions regarding my professional practice and potential emigration. I vividly recalled the challenges I encountered with the intricate and continuously evolving immigration system in the United States, as this requires navigating through a vast amount of information that can be exceedingly difficult to comprehend.

I dedicated substantial time and effort to gain expertise in immigration law and navigating its complexities. Despite holding a law degree, I had to visit numerous locations to fully comprehend the intricacies of this field. This experience inspired me to become an immigration lawyer and assist fellow citizens with their immigration matters.

In due time, I established my own team comprising individuals from the CIS countries. It brings me immense joy to be able to assist fellow compatriots from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan. My colleagues are exceptional, and working with them is an absolute pleasure.

The most defining moment of my journey was when I had a conversation with my friend, Jane Smith, who helped me realize the significant losses I incurred due to my lack of understanding of immigration law. Upon arriving in the US and striving to live within my means, I had the perception that by doing this I would be saving money. In retrospect, I learned that a substantial financial setback in the first few years of my career is part and parcel of the process.

I resided in the incorrect area, frequented the wrong cafes, and even shopped at the wrong stores, often resulting in overpayment. Furthermore, my document preparation process was prolonged, causing a delay of two and a half years in establishing my own business, as intended.

In the United States, this approach is not advantageous to anyone, particularly to oneself. I have acknowledged my mistake and now recognize the necessity of engaging a capable lawyer to assist with legal proceedings.