When people have intention to turn over a new leaf, they often change their place of residence; thus, immigration to the United States has long become a widespread phenomenon. Those who have visited America, speak of endless possibilities and high living standards, no wonder that many people want to see this for themselves.

How feasible is it to immigrate to the USA?
For those who do not violate the law, nothing is impossible: the only thing you need is to use the assistance of a competent lawyer and provide a necessary case. Of course, you need to understand subtle aspects of immigration to the USA.

In general, the country’s immigration policy is simple and clear: no discrimination on any ground, no restictions for everyone except criminals. Now anyone, who has a specific goal: education, work, starting their own business, can immigrate to the United States.

How to move abroad?

You can legally immigrate to the United States in two ways: direct and indirect.

  • The first way means, that you obtain an immigration visa immediately, that allows you to live in the US territory. As time passes, you can obtain a permanent resident status or Green Card.
  • The second way is a more complicated process.
    It involves obtaining a nonimmigrant visa, followed by legalization.

Each of these ways has its own particularities.

Direct immigration to the USA

At first sight this way is simple and clear but actually some difficulties may arise.
An immigration visa in the USA is not mare fable, but a quite achievable goal, however, you should comply with any of the three conditions:

  • you won the green card and successfully passed the interview;
  • your relatives living in the USA who are seeking family reunification ;
  • your spouse is a US citizen.

Indirect immigration

This way is time-taking and cumbersome process.
Most often, people who want to obtain an immigrant visa in the United States choose one of the main ways:

  • You can do it through an employer’s petition.
    If you arrived in America as an employee:
    you can really extend your stay abroad under certain conditions;
  • to obtain L-1 status, when an employee is transferred from one branch of the company to the other. Those who move to work in the American branch are not concerned about the issue “how to immigrate to the United States” as it is the easier way to acquire the right to permanent residence;
  • to arrive as a fiance(e).

Where to start?

If you have decided to obtain an immigrant visa in the United States, the first step is to contact a competent lawyer. You can achieve the desired by yourself, but a specialist is a person who will help you to do everything right the first time. To complete the case requires considerable efforts.

Say honestly if you are able to collect and execute all necessary documents correctly and not to make any mistake? If you have never dealt with such papers, of course, you need in assistance for immigration to the USA. To prepare a good case is half the battle.

Why contact us?

If you really intend to move to the United States, a lawyer is your number one assistant. Our specialists have considerable experience. They will not only help you make a case, but they will also consult you before the interview.

Do you think that immigrant visas in the USA are for the elite only? Our team of professionals will prove the opposite.