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Types of American visas

These visas are issued for a special purpose for the temporary stay of a foreign citizen in the United States. For many of these visas, an application must be submitted, which must be approved by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services. Only after that, the consular mission can issue a visa.

How to get a visa

To apply for a US visa, you need only 3 documents: a passport, a photo, and a DS-160 form. Other documents are added at will, but, judging by our experience in obtaining visas, it is better to collect the maximum set of documents for a successful interview.

1. Application

Fill out an application on the site and pay for the consultation

2. Consultation

The lawyer advises you and makes recommendations

3. Agreement

Sign a contract and pay for services

4. Case

The lawyer prepares the case and sends the petition to USCIS

5. Solution

You receive a decision on the petition and you receive a visa if approved


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America is a hospitable country that cares about its security. Residents of some countries can enter the United States freely: Canadians, Europeans and representatives of other countries. This does not apply to CIS countries. To cross the US border, you need to obtain a US visa.

  • Is a US visa required or can I do without it?
  • Can everyone go to America?
  • What do you need to get a US visa? What to be ready for?
  • What problems might arise?
  • Why choose us?
  • It is forbidden. There are no detours. If you have long dreamed of settling in the United States, you will need the help of an immigration lawyer. You have to go through a certain number of procedures in order to obtain an American visa, so you cannot do without a specialist. There is nothing to fear: getting a US visa is not very difficult, but professional support can not hurt.
  • The category that falls under the ban on entry into the United States is people who violate the law. This takes into account the actions of citizens committed both within the country of residence and in the territory of the States. Such persons will not be helped by any assistance in obtaining a visa to the United States.
  • An individual approach is what the process of obtaining a visa is based on. There are steps that are common to all:

    – collect and execute all the necessary documents, including filling out a visa application form;
    — apply for an American visa. To do this, you need to contact the US Consulate;
    – pay the visa fee, which is subject to payment without fail, regardless of the result;
    The last and most important step is to pass the interview. You will have to communicate with the US Consul.

    Many are afraid of the final stage. Here it is too late to ask for help in obtaining an American visa: only you and the interlocutor remain. However, this is not as scary as it seems: it is important to be yourself and be confident. Some are also afraid of the timing of obtaining a visa to the United States. Absolutely in vain: it takes very little time.
  • A person who is not used to working with documents can make mistakes. Yes, they can always be corrected — but this throws you back to the beginning of the path, no matter what stage you have reached. It’s embarrassing, annoying, costly. Therefore, it would be wiser to take help in opening a US visa and turn to specialists. They will help you fill out and complete all the documents correctly, and they will also give you useful advice on how best to behave at a meeting with the Consul so that he gives a positive answer. By contacting us, you can work with professionals who will minimize the risk of not getting a visa.
  • Our law firm has been operating since 2007 and we have managed to accumulate enough experience. We provide assistance in obtaining any type of US visa to anyone who needs it. Our team consists of immigration lawyers, their assistants and notaries. We are experts in US immigration law. We act together and take on any, even non-standard and the most difficult situations. If you are looking for a law firm that can help you apply for a US visa, taking into account all your interests, we are here.