Client Relations Manager

Snezhana Pshenichnova holds the position of Client Relations Manager.

Snezhana graduated with a degree in Ferrous Metallurgy from South Ural State University. After graduating from the university, Snezhana decided to conquer Moscow, and her first job was an engineer of metal structures. After working in this profession for a year, she realized that this direction was not exactly what she wanted to do, and got a job as an account manager, where she was later promoted to senior manager. This profession was very suitable for her, because Snezhana loves to communicate with people.

Having gained experience as Account Manager, Snezhana moved to an IT company developing a calculation program for designers, she was accepted as a senior sales manager, where she worked before moving to America. In total, Snezhana experience in this field was 8 years.

In our company, Snezhana first held the position of an Office Manager. Then Snezhana moved to the position of Account Manager and became a key specialist in developing customer acquisition systems, providing information support to customers, and coordinating production processes between all departments in our firm.

In her free time, she enjoys reading, going to the gym and spending time with her family.