Assistant Attorney in the field of family immigration and student visas

Daria Matveeva is Legal Assistant specializing in family immigration and Fiancé visas, DV green card lottery and U.S. citizenship, and Student Visas.

Daria was born in Russia. She graduated from a specialized school with in-depth study of English. She graduated from the Kazan State Financial Institute with a degree in Finance and Credit. During her student years, Daria participated in the state program for cultural international exchange and had an opportunity to live in the United States, study culture and improve her knowledge of English.

Daria started her career in the tourism business, has visited many countries and also has extensive experience in matters of visa support for clients to various countries. She worked in Moscow in a large tour operator company, where she received significant experience in working with VIP clients. Daria continued to work for the US host company in the luxury segment. At the same time, she was interested in jurisprudence and was engaged in independent study. Daria has been working for Elizaveta Samorukova’s company since 2017. She currently holds the position of Assistant Attorney for Student and Tourist Visas, Fiance Visas, Family Immigration, DV Lottery, and US Citizenship. He is also a Florida Notary Public and Translator.