Specialist in Business Immigration

Ilona Lapa is the part of our Business Immigration Department — Specialist in Business Immigration: L-1A and E-2 visas and green cards through investment.

Ilona received her first law degree (specialization in international law) at the Kiev Institute of International Relations, National University. T. Shevchenko. Kyiv, Ukraine.

In 2007, Ilona received a Master’s Degree from the National Academy under the President of Ukraine, specializing in Public Administration.

From 2004 to 2022, Ilona worked in the field of foreign policy of Ukraine. In addition to foreign affairs agencies, such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and the Office of the President of Ukraine, she worked at the Consulates General of Ukraine in Milan (Italy) and in New York as a consul. Ilona has a diplomatic rank of First Secretary of the First Class.

Ilona speaks four languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English, and Italian.