US citizenship is the status of a citizen, allowing him to have full rights and protection by the law of this country. US citizenship allows you to move freely and live in any part of the country, as well as vote in elections and receive government benefits and privileges.

Requirements for candidates for citizenship as a result of naturalization:

  • You must have been a registered US resident (legal permanent resident) for at least 5 years and have not left the country for the past 30 months.
  • It is necessary to show good moral and ethical qualities during the entire period of stay in the country.
  • You must be fluent in English and know the basics of US history and politics.
  • A successful interview with a federal agent is required.

Obtaining US citizenship through marriage

To begin the naturalization process through marriage, you must complete and submit the Citizenship Application (Form N-400) and other requirements. Your spouse must apply for escort (Form I-130) and support your application.

Obtaining US citizenship through marriage is one of the most popular ways to obtain US citizenship. In order to obtain citizenship through marriage, your spouse must be a US citizen. Basic requirements for candidates for citizenship through marriage:

  • Your marriage must be legal and valid.
  • You and your spouse must live together and maintain your relationship throughout the process.
  • You must provide evidence of your marriage, such as photographs, marriage certificates, records of your financial transactions, etc.
  • You must be interviewed by an executing agent who will verify that your marriage is legal.

Obtaining US citizenship through parents

If the parents have moved to the US, they must become US permanent residents and have lived in the US for at least 5 years before their children can apply for citizenship. Also, children must be in the United States at the time of application.

If the children are born in the US, then they are automatically US citizens and do not have to go through the naturalization process.

Obtaining US citizenship through military service

Another way to obtain US citizenship is to serve in the military. In order to obtain US citizenship through military service, you must meet the following conditions:

  • Apply for citizenship (N-400) within three months of entering service.
  • Be in good health and successfully complete medical examinations.
  • You must have no criminal history or convictions.
  • Successfully complete military service for one or more years.
  • Pass an interview with an immigration expert and prove knowledge of English and knowledge of the basic principles and history of the United States.
  • Provide a certificate of service in the army, identification documents, and others.
  • Age from 17 to 42 years.

Stages of naturalization

Applying for an N-400

The first step in the naturalization process is to file an N-400 application with the Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). This application may be submitted by mail or directly to the USCIS office.

Passing the Citizenship Exam

After submitting an N-400 application, the applicant may be asked to take a citizenship test. This exam consists of questions on US history and politics, as well as an English language test.


After the applicant successfully passes the exam, he will have to conduct an interview. During this interview, the USCIS officer will verify all the information provided and ask additional questions.


After the interview, USCIS makes a decision to grant or deny citizenship. If the decision is positive, then the applicant will be issued a certificate of naturalization.

The process of obtaining US citizenship can be quite complex and demanding. There are several different paths, such as marriage, military service, or investment, that can help you get citizenship.

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