Elizaveta Samorukova is the founder and president of the law firm Elizaveta V. Samorukova, P.A., and its principal attorney since 2007. This is the largest Russian-speaking firm in Florida, USA, that specializes in legal assistance to immigrants from all over the World.

Ms. Samorukova obtained Juris Doctor (JD) and Certificate of Specialization in “International Law” at the Stetson University Law School in 2004.

In addition, Elizaveta Samorukova possesses a Master of Business Administration degree (“MBA”) from Stetson University, received in 2004.

Ms. Samoruikova also received Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration (Bachelor Degree) with specialization in International Business at the University of Central Florida in 2001.

Ms. Samorukova holds the Florida Bar License and has the right to practice law in Florida, and immigration law in any state of the U.S. She also has the right to represent clients before the US District Court in the Southern District of Florida.

Elizaveta Samorukov is a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, the Florida Bar Association, and the American Association of Russian-Speaking Lawyers.

Since 2017, Elizaveta Samorukova has been taking part in question-and-answer sessions at the Russian Radio Miami.FM 102.7 HD 2 in Florida. Ms. Samorukova gives expert opinion commentaries on immigration issues for “Voice of America” – an online information resource that offers news, analysis, reports about the United States, Russia, and the countries of the former Soviet Union. “Voice of America” broadcasts in forty-five languages ​​with an audience of over 115 million people. Also, Elizaveta Samorukova gives interviews as an expert on immigration issues on the TV channel “RTVi” – international media in Russian language.

Since 2015, Ms. Samorukova has been conducting business immigration seminars for investors interested in obtaining visas and permanent residence in the United States through the acquisition of an existing business in America.

In May 2007, Ms. Samorukova spoke at an international conference, held in St. Petersburg, Russia, funded by the Russian Duma and the Institute of International Business and Law, with a report on the topic “Education and Business 2007”.

In January 2006 and February 2007, Ms. Samorukova assisted in receiving the consul of the Russian Federation from the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Washington, DC. The consul arrived in South Florida to take measures to ensure consular services in connection with the issuance of pensions to Russian citizens living in South Florida.

In the spring of 2005, Ms. Samorukova played one of the key roles in the organization of the International Symposium on Business and Investments in Miami, Florida, which was funded by the Florida International Law Office.

Outside the office, Elizaveta enjoys her main role of being a mother, who loves to spend time with her three children and two dogs.