Executive Administrative Assistant

Yulia Cruz was born in Russia, on the beautiful Island of Sakhalin. She graduated from the Sakhalin Pedagogical College with a Music Teacher and Choreographer degree, and she received a higher education at the Pacific State University with a degree in Management. During her younger years, Yulia achieved great success in ballroom dancing. She was the champion of the Sakhalin region and the winner of the Far East competition. She also received the title of Candidate for Master of Sports.

But the passion for dancing is not the only advantage of Yulia. Yulia has lived in different countries and has extensive work experience in international organizations. Yulia served in management positions in a travel agency and in a transport company in the sales and marketing departments.

Yulia joined the office of Elizaveta Samorukova at the end of 2022 and holds the position of Executive Assistant.

She speaks 3 languages: Russian, English and Spanish.

In her free time, Yulia loves to travel, dance, spend time with her son and cook delicious cakes.