If you are planning to go to the USA on a business or
tourist trip, you must first obtain a visa that allows you to
enter the country. The most suitable option is the B-1/B-2
visa which combines categories B-1 (business) and B-2
(tourism). The visas B-1 and B-2 can be obtained
separately, but most often these categories are combined
in one visa.

Characteristics of B-1 category

The advantage of the B-1 business visa is that you do not need to submit documents to USCIS since a businessman applies to the US Consulate himself. If you need to fly to the USA as soon as possible and solve an important issue – the B-1 category is your best option.

B-1 business visa can be obtained quite easily. This requires you to prove that your visit will be temporary. You will also need to explain the reasons for the trip – they should be related to the business.

While in the United States on a B-1 visa, if necessary, you can extend the B-1 status for additional time – 6 months.

  • Obtaining a B-1 visa is subject to some restrictions:
    Even though the B-1 status can be extended in the USA, the maximum period of stay in the USA every time you enter the country cannot exceed 6 months;
  • While in the United States on a B-1 visa, you are prohibited to earn money in the country unless the salary is paid by a foreign company;
  • your re-entry on a B-1 visa might not be allowed. It will depend on the purpose of the re-entry, previous visits, and their duration;
  • B-1 visa does not cover your wife/husband and children.


Characteristics of B-2 category

B-2 visa is designed for those who just want to admire the sights of the country. So, if the purpose of your trip is tourism, then the B-2 visa is more suitable for you. The main advantage of the B-2 category is that it provides for both single and multiple entries into the United States.

When applying for a B-2 visa, you do not need a sponsor. In addition, you can get the B-2 visa much faster than any other American visa – the decisions on visa applications are often made instantly. If during your stay in the United States your intents change, it is possible to change your visa status to any other one.

How to get a B-2 tourist visa? It is quite simple. To do that, you need to prove to the US Consulate representative that your visit will indeed be temporary and you are not going to work illegally in the USA. Also, you need to provide evidence that your financial means are sufficient to stay in the country and pay all your expenses.

  • When applying for a B-2 visa, certain limitations should be considered:
    the maximum period of stay after entering the US – 6 months;
  • subsequent entries may be denied at the US border, depending on the circumstances;
  • work and study activities are strictly prohibited;
  • your B-2 visa does not cover other family members.


Why it is worth using the assistance of a specialist?

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